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Dit Ngau Tong Long Pai International Martial Arts Federation

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Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Video Footage-Under Construction

Dit Ngau Video Clips
Sei Sao Kune
The following clip shows basic Sei Sao Hand Techniques. Click link below to view the techniques.
M-F 3:30
Sap Yee Lee Gar Kune two Man Fighting Set
Sap Yee Lee Gar Kune is one of Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long entry level sets. This sets helps you to develop attacking and defending techniques, coordination, timing, footwork and the key hand techniques utilised in Dit Ngau Tong Long. The footwork is Lee Gar but the upper level hand work are Dit Ngau Tong Long. To see the set click link below.  
T-F 10:30


Head Office
Federación Internacional de Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Pai-Chile

Calle Mena 1689
5 Region