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Dit Ngau Tong Long Pai International Martial Arts Federation

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List of current Instructors, Assistant Instructor 's  and New Members.


Iron-Ox Praying Mantis Martial Arts Association UK
Honarary Vice-President
Yuen Biu Ho
Chief Instructor-Eduardo Barrios
c/o 76 Sterling Gardens
New Cross Gate
New Cross
London SE 14 6DZ
Mob: 07904 116304
Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Pai Instructors
Yuen Hung Ho
Seam Whitaker
 Mob: 079563 78819
Dit Ngau Tong Long Assistant Instructors
John Glasgow
077204 20740
BCCMA Northern Regional  Champion November 2004-Gold and Silver Medallist.
Chee Wah Yeung
07717 173680
Dit Ngau
Lion Dance (Pak Mei)
BCCMA Regional Northern Regional Champion November 2004-Gold Medallist


Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long International Martial Arts Association Chile
Eduardo Junior Barrios Marin
0056 32 919986
Dit Ngau
San Sao
Qing Da
Qi Gong
BCCMA Northern Regional Championships Finalist November 2004-Bronze Medallist. BCCMA Traditional Chinese Martial Arts National Champion September 2005- Gold (3) and Silver (2) Medallist.


Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Spain
Ruben Soria Cabrelles
Assistant Instructor
00346 99467715
Dit Ngau
Qi Gong

New Members
Welcome New Students

The Iron-Ox Praying Mantis Martial Arts Federation wishes to welcome all our new students, colleagues, associate members and instructors. We hope that your time with us will be as rewarding a experience as it can be.

A warm welcome message to our newest member at Dit Ngau Tong Long UK.

  • Salim
  • Kayee Leung
  • Anna Maria
Wednesday 05 October 2005
New Association Branches will be displayed here
T-F 10:30
New qualified instructor's will be display here.
M-W 11:30

Head Office
Federación Internacional de Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Pai-Chile

Calle Mena 1689
5 Region