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Dit Ngau Tong Long Pai International Martial Arts Federation

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British National Championships September 2004 and British Northern Regionals Championships November 2004. 

Recent Events

Dit Ngau Tong Long National Team September 2004

Upcoming Events

Dit Ngau Seminar in Valencia-Spain
14 hours Seminar in Valencia Spain in March 2006. The seminar will cover basics, power development, hand techniques and the first entry level form (Sap Yee Lee Gar kune) and its applications.
On completion of the course participants will be issued with a certificate from our Association recognizing the work undertaken.
The seminar fees for both days is £60 per person. For further information on local accomodation please contact Ruben Sorias- Our Spanish representative. 

Head Office
Federación Internacional de Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Pai-Chile

Calle Mena 1689
5 Region