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Dit Ngau Tong Long Pai International Martial Arts Federation

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Welcome to Iron-Ox Praying Mantis International Martial Arts Federation. Our organization has been set up to promotote and advance the study of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu), in especific Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Pai, Shuai Chiao, San Da, Qing Da and Health restoring exercises.

Hakka Tong Long is a traditional style dating back to 350 years, Consisting of three main streams:  These are Jook Lum, Chu Gar and Dit Ngau Tong Long Pai, with the name of Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long dating back to approximately 150 years ago. The name Dit Ngau was coined by the students of Choi Dit Ngau to conmemorate his efforts in promoting Hakka Tong Long during the late Ching Dynasty (1613-1909). The style's roots are in Wei Yeung, Kwang Dong Province, China.

Story has it, that Hakka Tong Long evolved from the movements of a small mantis attacking and then killing a black  bird. Although the bird was over 100 times the size of the mantis, the mantis strong forelegs and fast and accurate movements allowed the mantis to successfully attack and eventually kill the bird.  Although, it seems to be an impossible feat, is never the less true. There is evidence that a small mantis is able to capture and kill pray much larger than it self.

The Evidence-Mantis Kill Bird

Affiliation & Recognition
The British Head Quarters of our International Association is a registered member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA). It is registered under the name of Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Pai UK. We  have been an active member of the BCCMA since 2003/2004 to date.
Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Pai UK has worked together with the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association to establish the first Traditional Chinese Martial Arts tournament in conjunction with the BCCMA and other traditional Chief Instructors. For further details see the September 2005 issue of Combat Magazine.


Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Pai

Grandmaster Ho Kung Wah


Head Office
Federación Internacional de Dit Ngau Hakka Tong Long Pai-Chile

Calle Mena 1689
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